Member Testimonials
Learn why members chose Fountainview at Gonda Westside

Judy Fenton

“It’s important to recognize that after your spouse is gone, there’s still an opportunity for a great life if you’re willing to step up and grab it.” Continue reading

Deborah Falcon

“I believe Fountainview, with its learning opportunities, its Jewish foundation, and its closeness to the community where I’ve lived for so long, is a perfect new home. I’m so glad I didn’t let this opportunity go by.”
Continue reading

Marcia Gelfand

“Downsizing is hard but it’s very freeing. It’s best to have the help of a friend who isn’t emotionally attached to your possessions.” Continue reading

Arlene Morris

“I have a nice lifestyle without worrying about my finances. My one-bedroom apartment is just perfect for me.” Continue reading

Ruthe Berkus

“What I once ran away from is something I’m running to. At Fountainview I know things are brand new.” Continue reading

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