Retiring in Los Angeles

Retiring in LA

If you’re beginning to think about where you would like to live in retirement, chances are you’ve come across many lists of top destinations that include small to mid-sized towns in the South and Midwest. Many of these guides are created around single data sets including cost of living and home prices—but there is so much more to consider when choosing a place that will contribute to a full, happy, and healthy life.

There are many misconceptions around what it’s like to live in, or retire to, Los Angeles. Many may assume that L.A. is out of reach for them, but the truth is that this beautiful city is a great place to enjoy your years in retirement, and many do.

Compared to many other large American cities, Los Angeles is both affordable and safe. The city is currently expanding its already impressive public transportation network and hosts a vibrant, entertaining community filled with interesting people. L.A. also offers access to a few of the top hospitals and healthcare resources available anywhere.

Click through the sections below to discover why Los Angeles could easily be your favorite place you’ve ever called home:


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