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When relocating to a new area, it’s important to get involved with the local social scene. Meeting people and engaging in activities with friends is key to getting the most out of a new city. Los Angeles is full of activities for all ages and offers many fun ways to meet people with whom to enjoy them.

Judy Fenton is a retiree who recently moved back to Los Angeles after 15 years in Orange County:

“I’m in Los Angeles once a week because I sing in a choir that rehearses there. There’s so much to do in Los Angeles. I don’t think round judyI’ll ever be bored. Moving into a [Continuing Care Retirement Community], I was worried that everybody would be really old. I’m in my seventies and pretty active for my age. Some of the retirement homes I visited had a lot of people sitting around looking sad. The people I’ve met at Fountainview are active, vital people, and I think I’ll have a good social life.”

The City of Los Angeles Department of Recreation and Parks has organized clubs, many of which are specifically for seniors. This is a great way to meet new people and expand your hobbies. They offer a range of activities, from billiards and dance to nature walks and golf. Clubs meet all over the greater L.A. area at public parks and recreation centers. Similarly, Los Angeles branches of the YMCA have groups and programs for active older adults. They offer group outings, lunches, and meetups to discuss everything from books and film to current events. One group has a game night and book club every week, as well as free seminars and workshops throughout the month. In addition to these organizations, there are 27 senior centers in the area offering special events, arts and crafts, and language lessons. Some even have amenities like indoor gyms, swimming pools, tennis courts, and barbecue pits.

Barbara Sosnowitz, a recent transplant from Florida, enjoys the friendly faces in her neighborhood and has made connections through her morning walks after only two weeks:

“I love my new neighborhood in Playa Vista. I know I’ll have to meetroundbarbaraS new people in Los Angeles, but I have my dog Honey, a Maltese, and I’ve already met people through her. I walk Honey at 6 a.m. every morning, and after only a few weeks everyone calls out ‘Good Morning, Honey!’ as I pass. People here are very friendly, which is different I think than Florida or the Northeast, where I’ve lived before.”

If you prefer more informal groups focused on specific interests, lists about 100 groups in the L.A. area for active seniors. These groups range from 10 to 1,000 members each, and all are friendly and welcoming to newcomers. There are activity-based groups like the Burbank Tai Chi club, which meets weekly and invites people of all ages and experience levels to “create balanced mobility, health, longevity and a greater sense of wellbeing.” There are also general social groups like the Pasadena Seniors Club, whose members just want to “make friends and share adventures.”

Barbara Ashton, who is also moving into a CCRC, says her and her husband “don’t see it as retirement—it is downsizing, relocating, and getting involved in a community”:

“We are preparing for our next step—we have the energy to make this choice with thought now. And we are very impressed with the people we’ve met through our community—they are interesting and from all walks of life. We met a neighbor a few days ago who is an roundbarbaraAaccomplished physicist! We’re really excited about making new friends.”

“A lot of people have this misconception that everyone living in Los Angeles is an airhead or attached to Hollywood somehow, but you can find people like you with common interests. There are so many people to draw from! We’ve made lifelong friends here, and we’ve managed to find quality people that we love.”

Many seniors are interested in continued learning in a variety of subjects. OASIS is a national organization dedicated to lifelong learning that provides opportunities for adults over 50 to pursue vibrant, productive, and meaningful lives. The L.A. chapter of OASIS is a hive of activity, with more than ten daily classes for fitness, music, art, language, and technology. If you also desire to spend time serving the community with friends, the L.A. Retired and Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP) may be for you. This group enables seniors to use their skills and life experiences to serve others. They volunteer at a variety of organizations, including Boys & Girls Clubs, schools, libraries, and museums.

Some seniors are looking for love in their golden years but do not know where to find available singles. Thankfully, Los Angeles Singles provides a matchmaking service specifically for seniors, and they do more than just make introductions. They help you prepare for those introductions by providing “expert dating coaching and guidance that helps you enter the L.A. dating scene prepared and excited.”

Whether you’re looking for clubs, classes, a life partner, or just some new friends, Los Angeles offers infinite options for personal development and to fill your social calendar.

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