Arlene Morris

“I have a nice lifestyle without worrying about my finances. My one-bedroom apartment is just perfect for me.” Continue reading

Fountainview at Gonda Westside means a lot of things to the people who live here. To Arlene Morris, it represents freedom from worry.

“I have a nice lifestyle without worrying about my finances,” says Arlene. “My one-bedroom apartment is just perfect for me.”

Because Arlene is single with no children, she appreciates the fact that Fountainview is a continuing care retirement community. She’s relieved that her loved ones (including an especially close niece) will never be responsible for the logistics of any care she may need. “I think the issue of care is waaaaay in the future for me,” laughs Arlene. “I’m still very healthy and I like my life.”

After all, what’s not to like? The retired educator is very social and sees friends for lunch or dinner practically every day. She is a UCLA graduate and loyal alum who volunteers with breast cancer survivors at the UCLA Medical Center, leads tours at the Museum of Tolerance in Los Angeles, and is active with the American Association of University Women. She’s passionate about her role as a mentor to a middle school-aged girl.

Arlene moved from a large two-bedroom apartment in Marina del Rey. When she initially made her deposit at Fountainview, she wasn’t convinced that she was really ready to move. Like many members, she decided to give herself the option of moving to Fountainview someday by making a deposit now and making a decision later. “I love having the option,” says Arlene. “I’ll have had more than two years to think about it and I believe I’m going to do it.”

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