Ruthe Berkus

“What I once ran away from is something I’m running to. At Fountainview I know things are brand new.” Continue reading

Ruthe Berkus is a Los Angeles native, something rare these days! Her grandparents settled in Santa Monica in the early 1920’s, and she grew up and lived there as a young woman. She has lived in Venice for 55 years. She and her husband ran a successful art and antique gallery in West Los Angeles for 35 years. Ruthe says writing has been her creative outlet since she was a child. She is moved to Fountainview for the companionship of new friends and a rich schedule of activities. Without the responsibility of maintaining her home, she has plenty of time to enjoy classes, lectures and to pursue her writing. Below is a poem written by Ruthe about her experiences with Fountainview.

Life Changes

I’ve lost so many friends this year
I thought my life was through
I was very sad and lonely
Then I found Fountainview

We haven’t even moved in yet
The building isn’t ready
But we’ve socialized, I made some friends
My future’s looking heady

They offered classes and I joined
The people were such fun
We talked and laughed and
Reminisced until the day was done

What I once ran away from
Is something I’m running to
At Fountainview I know
Things will be brand new

I know I’m going to like it
I know I’ll find my way
I’ll adjust to my new home
And there I will stay

So many were like me
Wanting not to be alone
So thanks for Fountainview
Our new home

Ruthe Berkus, August 2016 Copyright pending

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